So erhalten Sie höllische Kerne in Fire Force Online

Through the fire and the flames.

Infernals are creatures from the Fire Force manga that are humans devoid of reasoning due to some spontaneous combustion. Engulfed in flames, they will attack everything in their surroundings and deal severe damage to their victims. You would want to avoid this creature, right? Well, not this time, after all, we all need some outfit upgrading. Here is how to get Infernal Cores in Fire Force Online.

How to Get Infernal Cores in Fire Force Online

To get Infernal Cores in Fire Force Online, you will have to defeat Infernals. These are very powerful enemies that you can choose to face by accepting quests and can appear all around the map. Once you have found an Infernal, there is a possibility that said Infernal will not be alone. Instead of facing a group of Infernals, isolate one of them to prevent you from being overrun. Once killed, there is a chance for you to get an Infernal Core as a drop.

Once you collect Infernal Cores, you will get to use them to upgrade your outfit. You will unlock this ability after reaching level 10. You will be able to talk to the Blacksmith on the second floor of the HQ and you will get to upgrade your Durability, Fire Resistance, or Utility for your current outfit. Once you have reached a certain level of each of these abilities, the Blacksmith will begin to ask for Infernal Cores on top of money. Be sure to keep fighting Infernals to collect these Cores to further improve your outfit.

The amount of Infernal Cores necessary to upgrade your outfit’s abilities in Fire Force Online will increase after each upgrade. Make sure to grind these Infernal Cores in a timely manner since the latter upgrades will require a decent amount of grinding on your behalf. As long as you don’t spontaneously combust and turn into a violent fire being, you will be alright.

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